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Jim Collins Foundation Announces 2016 Grant Recipients
April 5, 2016

America’s Transgender Revolution
July 15, 2015

Barriers to Care Still Prevalent for Transpeople in the US
June 2, 2015

Jim Collins Foundation Announces 2015 Grant Recipients
March 31, 2015

Krysallis Anne Hembrough Gifts Legacy Funds to Jim Collins Foundation
March 27, 2015

Jim Collins Foundation Announces new Board Members
Aug 21, 2014

Jim Collins Foundation Announces A Record Number of Grantees
Calls For Donations, Opens New Grant Cycle
April 1, 2014

Gender-affirming Surgery Grants Awarded by Jim Collins Foundation
March 26, 2013

Fraternity Supports Trans Student Donnie Collins – Excess Funds Donated to Jim Collins Foundation
February 27, 2013

JCF Receives $20,000 Grant!
May 3, 2012

Jim Collins Foundation to Award Multiple Grants for Gender-affirming Surgeries
March 26, 2012

Jim Collins Foundation Awards Its First Grant for Gender-affirming Surgery
May 9, 2011

News Update on Donnie Collins and Fraternity Fundraiser
The Jim Collins Foundation made national headlines in 2013 when transgender student Donnie Collins (no relation) received a flood of public financial support though a fraternity fundraiser. With more than $21,000 raised, Donnie gave excess funds to JCF and in doing so raised awareness and support for other transgender people in need.