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A Growing Number of Trans Americans Are ‘Crowdfunding’ Their Gender Transitions

At 19 years old, Lexi Richardson came out as transgender to her father. A Navy SEAL with a penchant for being "very strict," she said, he reacted with a swift, all-too-familiar response: Richardson had to go. "He provided me with an ultimatum," she said. "I could live at home or I could dress … read more

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2014 JCF Grantee PoetHeather

As a 45-year-old, married, disabled veteran who is unable to work, I thought I had perhaps gone as far as I could in my transition until I won the lotto or managed to sell a book or something. I did what I could, helping with the Transgender American Veterans Association, as well as my local support group. I also went to a few conferences and talked about writing as well as TAVA. I tried to get … read more


2014 Jim Collins Grantee Cassie LeGrave

Every day prior to my surgery was like a living nightmare.  Most of my earliest memories include asking my mother when I was going to be 'fixed' so I would be like the other girls.  She would always reply in the same way, "You're not a girl."  I couldn't have the things I really wanted, I could never wear the things I wanted to wear, and I thought I was never going to be the person I knew I was … read more


2014 Grant Recipient Omar Yadielle

I’m a warrior in the battle that has been through a lot. My life has been very difficult since I was born. I’ve always dressed and acted like a man. My family rejected me because of my gender identity, and I’m alone in the world, battling for my life in order to be a great human being. I was on the honor roll, delivered the graduation speech at my high school, and was a leader in LGBT clubs in … read more

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