Jim Collins Foundation Announces 2016 Grant Recipients

April 5, 2016 (New York, NY) – The Jim Collins Foundation (JCF), a national nonprofit organization with a mission to fund gender-affirming surgeries, is thrilled to announce our 2016 grant recipients and open up a new grant cycle, starting April 15, 2016. This is the first year JCF offered two grant options for those seeking surgical grants. General Fund grants cover 100% of the medical fees associated with the gender-affirming surgery. Krysallis Anne Hembrough Legacy Fund (Hembrough Grants) cover 50% of the medical fees associated with the gender-affirming surgery, requiring each recipient to match grant monies received with their own financial source. Jim Collins Foundation 2016 Full Grant Recipients include Katrina Dawn Stewart and Bayn, and our first Hembrough grant recipient is Jonni Caldwell. Please go to our website to read their amazing stories.

“We are pleased to share the powerful stories of our grant recipients: Katrina, Bayn, and Jonni,” said Dru Levasseur and Tony Ferraiolo, JCF Co-Founders. “Like so many in the transgender community struggling to survive, they are following their dreams, and the Jim Collins Foundation is excited to support them.”

Health care discrimination against trans people is known to be linked to high suicide rates in the trans community. More than 300 people applied for this year’s grant, demonstrating urgency and financial need. With the addition of this year’s grantees, the Jim Collins Foundation has awarded a total of 14 grants since its founding in 2008, thanks to hundreds of individual donors from around the country and pro bono services provided by top medical professionals.

“This grant from the Jim Collins foundation does so much for me. It helps me see the end of that tunnel and the fruition of my struggles,” said 2016 Full Grant grantee Katrina Dawn Stewart.

“I truly cannot thank the people of the Jim Collins Foundation enough. What they do is beyond amazing. It’s life-affirming. It’s life-saving. I look forward to giving back in whatever ways that I can. I encourage everyone who can to donate to this wonderful program and those who can’t help monetarily to remember that there are all kinds of ways to show your support for the trans community. Please help where you can. You may be saving a life,” said 2016 Full Grant grantee Bayn.

Our 2016 Hembrough grantee Jonni Caldwell said, “I am a big believer in Karma. I believe if I put out great energy it will come back to me. This grant is good Karma coming to me and it’s life-changing. The Jim Collins Foundation is giving me a gift that I’ve wanted my whole life.”

For press inquiries and interviews, contact info@jimcollinsfoundation.org. For more information on the Jim Collins Foundation, grantees, the issues, and to donate, visit jimcollinsfoundation.org.