Ava Keely Arnett

Ava-HeadshotAva Arnett is software engineer for a regional bank.  Ava has been involved in the computer industry professionally since 1998 and has worked for nonprofits, health care and the financial industry in various capacities.

She is an active volunteer with the Translation transgender youth group and has been co-facilitating since 2013 with Tony Ferraiolo and the other coordinators.  Ava had struggled with gender dysphoria since her childhood in Madison, Wisconsin. In 2010 she transitioned, personally and professionally and began living her authentic life.

In her spare time, she enjoys writing, reading, and the many adventures shared in the basement with dice, books, and good friends (an avid Dungeons & Dragons player).  Ava married Cat, the love of her life in 2001.  They live in Stratford, Connecticut with their small army of cats and a corgi named Maddy.