Dr. Christine McGinn

Dr. Christine McGinnDr. McGinn is a plastic surgeon whose formal training was tailored specifically to transgender surgery in addition to all aspects of both General and Plastic Surgery. Since her own transition in 2000, she has been an activist and speaker on many aspects of gender variant issues. She is frequently called upon by television on print media as an expert in her field. She is the founder of Papillon Gender Wellness Center; a comprehensive gender support “co-op” that includes many professional services in addition to Plastic Surgery. Dr McGinn is on staff on two hospitals in the Philadelphia area and is often called upon by Universities and Medical Schools to help train students and faculty about transgender medicine. Her focus is not only on providing plastic and reconstructive surgery, but also to promote the importance of a holistic approach to the care of gender variant individuals to include preventive medicine, research, community outreach, primary care and therapeutic support systems. Of special interest to Dr McGinn are long-term outcomes to gender confirmation surgery and contra- hormone therapy as they relate to improved quality of life and sexual health for gender variant individuals.