2014 Grant Recipient Omar Yadielle

I’m a warrior in the battle that has been through a lot. My life has been very difficult since I was born. I’ve always dressed and acted like a man. My family rejected me because of my gender identity, and I’m alone in the world, battling for my life in order to be a great human being. I was on the honor roll, delivered the graduation speech at my high school, and was a leader in LGBT clubs in school. All my life, I have been discriminated … [Read more...]

2013 JCF Grantee Mac Anderson

When I first applied to the grant I was homeless and jobless and felt as though I had little to no support. It might have possibly been the lowest point in my life. I have pushed against discrimination towards me even in high school and middle school when no one would talk to me. I have lost many friends and family upon coming out. But it has ultimately led me to further happiness with myself. I am seeking to further my transition to allow me … [Read more...]

2013 Jim Collins Foundation Grantee Nicky Roberts

Before surgery I would recoil inside when I saw a reflection in the mirror that was not congruent with my true identity. It left me stuck in a gray zone most people do not understand. It was a shadow that followed me everywhere. There is a comfort in knowing who I really am but with that comes limitations imposed on people like us by society and other relationships that may come along. To me gender confirmation surgery is not what brings … [Read more...]

2012 Grant Recipients

One grant recipient, Séverine Pierre, lives in government-subsidized housing in New York City and survives on food stamps. In 2010, she joined Americorps to assist survivors of the earthquake in Haiti apply for temporary protected status in the United States. "Even though I knew this job choice would affect the savings I had accumulated towards surgery, I could not miss the opportunity to help my people in a time of such great need." Séverine is … [Read more...]

Jim Collins Foundation Awards Its First Grant for Gender-Affirming Surgery (2011)

(North Branford, CT) May 9, 2011 - The Jim Collins Foundation is proud to announce that its first grant for gender-affirming surgery has been awarded to Drew Lodi. The Jim Collins Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, raises funds to provide grants to transgender individuals who need, but cannot afford, gender-affirming surgery. “Our hard work is paying off,” says Tony Ferraiolo, one of the organization’s co-founders. “Friends, families, and allies … [Read more...]