2015 Grant Recipient Alexander

AlexanderAt 34 years old, I have lived a few lifetimes of pain and what seems to be bad luck. To the point where I just begin laughing about it, it was like a routine. It took me years to finally realize that by surviving, I had become a stronger person with enough compassion to want to make a difference in the lives of others.

When I got the call about being one of the grantees of the Jim Collins Foundation, it seemed unreal. So few dreams come true in our lifetimes, and I have received one of mine.

It has been hard to describe. It feels like I am living inside a great dream, and every time I think about it or write about it, I start crying of happiness. My heart has this fullness right now that I have not felt in a long time. I will forever be thankful to the Jim Collins Foundation and everyone who has donated to make this dream possible. Having accomplished this dream will help me make my other dreams come true: that of making difference in the trans community in Guadalajara, Mexico, after I graduate college.